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Other than Beowulf , his most successful performance-capture film to date, Zemeckis has chosen to deploy this system in children’s films. Mars Needs Moms was an utter disappointment for Disney. The animated film cost $150 million to produce and probably $50 million more went to marketing. The saddest part is that the movie only made only $6.9 million in its debut at the domestic box office. On Mars, Milo evades detection by jumping down a trash chute that leads to an underground Martian garbage dump, where all the male Martians are kept locked away by the ruling females.

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2011-01-01 Mars Needs Moms is the final film made by ImageMovers, the animation studio founded by Robert Zemeckis in 1997. The company aimed to revolutionize motion-capture filmmaking, and they did break One night, Milo has a dream that his mother gets kidnapped by a Martian spaceship, because Mars needs moms to do all the things they (moms) do on Earth. You see, Martians grow from the ground like vegetables, so they don’t have mothers of their own, which is why Earth moms are needed. So why does "Mars Needs Moms" feel so slight? Other than "Beowulf," his most successful performance-capture film to date, Zemeckis has chosen to deploy this system in children's films. Tear Jerker / Mars Needs Moms Unlike Milo, he failed to save his mother, as noted above. This left him alone on Mars.

Disney dated Mars Needs Moms for March 11, 2011 and despite knowing the picture was headed for a loss, the studio did support the release with an expensive marketing push and even primed the toon for an IMAX run.

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Now playing in New Jersey Rating note: The film contains mildly gross humor. In the weeks leading up to the release of Mars Needs Moms, Disney knew interest in the film was tepid at best.

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Why mars needs moms failed

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Thanks. Mars Needs Moms is a 2011 Image Movers film distributed by Disney based on the storybook by Bloom County creator Berkeley Breathed. It focuses on young suburban kid Milo, who, late one night discovers his mother has been abducted by Martians in an attempt to use her skills in parenting to raise their own young. After accidentally hitching a ride on their craft, he lands on the red planet and Mars Needs Moms.
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